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Machinery Moving Services

The El Segundo Machinery Movers are dedicated to providing efficient and careful moving services to all our clients. With our professional expertise we can use air-ride trucks, high capacity cranes, forklifts and trailers to help move your equipment with ease.

The experts at El Segundo movers strive to move all of your industrial equipment rapidly and carefully to your new location or warehouse. Using only state-of the-art machinery for each client’s move we can guarantee clients the lowest prices in Southern California.

Laboratory Equipment Moving

We have been the most trusted name in moving sensitive medical equipment and laboratory instruments in Southern California for over 20 years. Our professionals are dedicated to ensuring that even the most delicate of equipment is crated or packaged securely for even the shortest of relocations.

All moves are planned out with care and sensitivity, like those of medical and laboratory moving services, where even the smallest move could lead to damages. For twenty years our professionals have been the leading name in moving this type of industrial sensitive equipment throughout El Segundo because of our dedicated care taken from the start to finish with a project.

Long Haul Transportation

Our El Segundo Machinery Movers are trained in packaging and transporting all industrial machinery and heavy equipment domestically and nationally for the long haul. Regardless of the distance we are dedicated to fast and safe moves that minimize your business downtime and don’t overcharge.

Our experienced staff is prepared to move single piece machinery or full turn-key facilities domestically and internationally all with reliable state-of-the-art equipment and constant vigilance to ensure your move is done in a careful and timely manner.

Machine Assembly/Disassembly

Our El Segundo Machinery Movers can disassemble, transport and reassemble at a new location for our clients that don’t want to hire another contractor to do it for them. We provide inspection services as well to ensure that your machinery is up and running properly.

We have experienced professionals that are prepared to disassemble your machine for transport, and can reassemble at your new location, which is one more reason why we top other movers. We can even provide inspection services to ensure that your machinery has been installed and erected properly in you new location.

Custom Crating and Packaging

Our professionals are dedicated to ensuring that each and every machine or piece of equipment is custom crated or packaged to ensure security in transport.  We can package to ensure that your equipment is resistant to both shock and moisture, allowing clients to feel confident knowing that their machinery is being transported securely.

Our team members are well versed in shock and moisture resistant packaging, as well as taking all the needed precautions to ensure that your equipment is not damaged in transit, and that it can be assembled wholly at your new location. All items that are transported by El Segundo Machinery Movers are custom crated and packaged so as to protect them throughout the move.

Turn-Key Facility Relocation

Moving turn-key facilities is a specialty of our company, as we can handle all parts of a move from planning to reassembly at your new location. The El Segundo Machinery Movers understand that the management and control of processing plant relocations is extremely important to ensure a harmless and timely relocation of equipment. 

The relocation of turn-key facilities is an El Segundo mover specialty in which we are involved in everything from move planning to equipment breakdown and transport as well. Our mission is to help your facility reduce their downtime, and take control of the equipment moving process so that our clients can focus on other aspects of relocation and save money in the process.

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